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4MS enterprise


"4ms Enterprise" is a hardware - software complex (APC) based on the NextBase platform, consisting of 6 (six) applied programs, allowing to enable complete control over activities of any company.

The main capabilities:
- Registration of all documents of the company, including incoming and outgoing correspondence, inner documents, organizational and administrative documents, etc.;
- Creation of assignments on all kinds of documents, resolutions, and the possibility of registering answers to them;
- Control over execution of documents and resolutions;
- Preparation and approval of documents;
- Maintenance of projects.

Convenience.  4ms workflow based on NextBase focuses on everyday use by all employees of organization even under the dynamic development of the company. The potential of the system will adapt to new opportunities and needs of your employees.

Readiness. «4ms workflow» based on NextBase is completely ready-to-use software product. The system can be deployed in an enterprise within one working day by one technician. Regulations of an automatic handling system can be added, created or refined preliminarily or during the use of additional types of documents.

Reliability. Architecture provides a reliable functioning system as a unit during installation of individual components. Automatic means of monitoring and conflict resolution provides uninterrupted service to users.

Openness. Easily integrates with portals and other systems, special programs and equipment. Used platform allows quickly and simply to create common information space, no matter what solutions are applied in an organization.

Modularity of formation. One of the key architectural principles of system formation is its modularity. Each subdivision with an autonomous registration of documents may have an autonomous system of business correspondence (module). Then, these modules are combined with each other due to the initially implicit function exchange. Modularity makes it possible to implement corporate systems in parts.

Flexibility of configuration. Adjusted to the requirements for maintaining business correspondence in a particular organization; provides distinctive access to both electronic documents and information about them, and to operations of this information.

These functional features and advantages allows to achieve following results:

    Improving  quality of management
    Staff work is more effective
    Creating a scheme of operative interaction of divisions and departments
    Cost Reduction
    Formation of analysts
    Delimitation of  access to corporate data


The main usage of 4ms workflow SED is an organization of electronic document storage and operations on them (especially, the search by attributes and content).

In SED the changes in documents, document deadlines, progress of documents are automatically monitored, also all their versions and subversions are supervised. Complex 4ms workflow SED encompasses the whole cycle of company’s business correspondence or organization - from the setting of proposition to create a document prior to its cancellation in an archives, to providing centralized storage of documents in any format, including complex composite documents. 4ms workflow SED combines scattered flow of documents of territorial remote companies into one system. 4ms workflow provides a flexible document management as a means of determining hard routes, and by free routing of documents. In 4ms workflow SED a strict distinction of user’s access to various documents is implemented according to their competence, position and assigned authorities to them. In addition, 4ms workflow SED adjusted to the existing organizational and stuff structure; business correspondence system of company, and also integrates with existing corporate systems.

The main users of 4ms workflow SED are from small to large public organizations, enterprises, banks, small and large industrial enterprises and all other structures, whose activity is accompanied by a medium or large volume produced, processed and stored documents.
To get more familiar with the product please visit the site


To learn more about the product please visit the site

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