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SmartDoc is an electronic document management system (EDMS), created on the basis of IBM Notes and Domino. It is designed for an assignment-automatization and optimization of business-processes, related with company’s internal and external document management.

 «SmartDoc» will enable you to automatize document management of companies, holding their activity in different fields and with different type of ownership, including companies with territorially-divided structure and holdings, as well as state administration bodies.


Improbable simplification and optimization of operational processes of the company.


Accurate structure

Hierarchical representation of all structural divisions of the company



You can control all financial transactions of the company.

Brief description:
Software program IBM Notes & Domino is a platform, used to automatize joint activity of working groups and companies (Groupware & Enterprise collaboration). Specially created to build applications, which automatize management and document processes. Interesting characteristic of the system is an object-oriented architecture, which allows to create information systems in order to automatize the work with complex structured data and unformalinized dynamic processes.
Software program consists of server – Domino and client – Notes parts. Client part, beginning from version 5.0 and higher consists of three elements:
•    IBM Notes Client – user’s workstation;
•    IBM Domino Designer – designer’s (programmer’s) workstation;
•    IBM Domino Administrator –system administrator’s workstation.

The platform IBM Notes & Domino has the following characteristics:

•    Cross-platform: work with Windows, MacOS, GNU/Linux;
•    Replication (Synchronization of deleted database);
•    Quick RAD (quick elaboration and opening of applications): if designer makes changes to code, they become available to all users and servers, who have access to database. Other services changes flow upon first session of  replication
•    Cryptographical security by means of public keys (PKI Encryption method); support of EDS.
«SmartDoc» will enable you to:

•   Quickly find different documents by various means of search.
•   Immediately inform employees of any tasks and notify about deadlines.
•   Promptly bring to employees’ notice any information, including personnel assignments and notification about deadlines.
•   Observe broad «picture» of how assignments are performed including those, which were sent to. For example to employee of the branch, located in another part of city. It will enable to implement control over planning and performance of activities.
•   Avoid using vast number of papers at all stages of document management.
•   Form uniqueness in the document preparation and operations on it, which evidently leads to arrangement and discipline upon working with documents.

The system "SmartDoc" supports the following processes:

•    Creating, storing registration cards incoming , outgoing correspondence , OPD ;
•    Preparation of documents requiring approval and review ;
     External correspondence between organizations that use document management system for SmartDoc;
•    Internal communications between departments;
     Automatic numbering of registered documents according to the given format number;
•    Joint or restricted access documents;
•    The mechanism of substitution when working with documents ( access to documents intended to certain employees , other employees of the organization - " substitute ").
•    Scanning documents received on a paper , fax detection and conversion of an image to a text of the document ;    
•    Creating assignments for registered documents and notification of a task  to executors;
•    Control over the execution of documents;
•    Maintenance and storage of information about the hierarchical structure of the organization, leaders , units and employees.
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